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  • New World Game Thoughts

    Brief overview It has been over 2 months since Amazon Game Studios (AGW) has release New World (NW). The game has a fairly quick start to it. It is one of the prettier MMO style games I have seen released over the past 10 years; the only games that compare are Black Desert Online (BDO)…

  • Blah Blah Blarg

    Just a post to post a post about posting a post that is this post. That is all.

  • FF-XIV

    So I am playing FF-XIV now. Awesome game as far as some of the story-line quests. The main QL is boring but the side QLs are amazing. Not a whole lot else to say on it at this time. Just a quick little blurb for the moment.

  • Back to Gaming

    I am now back to PC gaming for the most part. Took a break from gaming in general for a few months. Once I came back to gaming I was sucked into Destiny. It was fun for a while but after completing all the Endgame content for the base game, TDB, and HoW I decided…

  • Downtime

    We all know downtime happens. It happens in every online game at some time or another. But downtime being random and without reason is not fun. Today is my Sunday Weekends for me starts Monday Night at ~8:30 PM assuming I leave work on time and end ~10:00 AM on Friday when I start work…