Back to Gaming

I am now back to PC gaming for the most part. Took a break from gaming in general for a few months. Once I came back to gaming I was sucked into Destiny. It was fun for a while but after completing all the Endgame content for the base game, TDB, and HoW I decided it was kind of dry. There is little to no community, very few opportunities to work with other people, and once you do find a few people to play with they are not around for too long.

At this time I have moved back to playing Warframe. The game is dynamic as far as the maps are concerned. The lack of repetitive terrain is helpful when playing as it breaks up the grinding aspect of the game. It is a very fast based game that has an above average PvE system and an average PvP system. The ingame cash shop allows for constant income for the devs and allows for weekly updates. They even manage to get updates to the console versions a few times a month.

My next gaming experience will be moving on to FF-XIV. I was provided a referral code by my brother and decided it was worth checking out. Will update on my thoughts with this game once I have a chance to play around in it.