We all know downtime happens. It happens in every online game at some time or another. But downtime being random and without reason is not fun. Today is my Sunday Weekends for me starts Monday Night at ~8:30 PM assuming I leave work on time and end ~10:00 AM on Friday when I start work again. During this time I like to relax, hide from the world for at least a day, and play some decent games.

Most recently I started playing Wildstar. Amazing game, haven’t gotten too much into endgame content yet as I am not sure of what class I want to bring into it or the roll I wanna fill out for. Started doing some Vet Adventures on the game and was having a great time up until the servers when down again, for the 4th or 5th time in a 24h period unexpectedly. There has been little to no communications as to what is causing this issue on Carbine’s, the game dev’s, part. Only notification I have found is a hardware failure yesterday morning after an update to address the login server issues.

At the time of this post starting the servers where down, at the end of this post I am told the servers have come back up. Hopefully they are stable for the remainder of the day.