Hello World

This time is a For Real Hello Works posting. The last few runs at this I will admit went a little backwards and I dropped the whole project a few times. Now that I am back up and running here we go, a bit about me.

I am The Weekday Gamer. I have been online gaming since 2002 when I started to play the original Tribes game, however old it was tat that time, online. I moved into several other games from there and currently am wrapped up in a large number of online games. My typical online handle has always been one of a few. Sevaver is the current and I have been referred to as Chrono/ChronoLynx. I have played most major MMOs at one point or another, Eve being my favorite but have moved to the free to play games in recent years due to time constraints. I spend most of my free time during the week online gaming playing anything from League of Legends to DayZ Standalone.

In addition to my Week Day Gaming I also do a lot of modding and theory craft diy projects. Current projects on the table for me are to make an android powered engraving laser and repair my Parrot 2.0 Airdrone. When I get these projects started or finished I will post more on how they went.

At this time I am going to cut the first post off here and continue working on getting the site to a perfect working order and carry on.